Thursday, December 15, 2016

How to avoid getting kidnapped

There are many children in the U.S who are kidnapped and the number of adults kidnapped is unknown as those over 21 are disregarded by the Uniform crime report. Therefore, you should know how to defend yourself kidnappers just to be on the safe side.

1) Have situational awareness - Think critically - Why would a car or van pull up at high speed in front of you? Definitely not to park or do any other normal activity. Trust your gut instinct. You can hide, run away, or fight when the situation calls for it. Don't just stay still and wait until the car doors fly open for you to respond, act quickly. If you have nowhere to go, pay close attention to what they look like and what they're armed with. 

2) Fight - Are there multiple attackers? Take out the closest one before you make your escape. Don't stay there trying to beat all of them or you will be overwhelmed. See my other post "how to fight multiple attackers" ( for reference. Are there gunmen? Perform a quick disarm (see "self defense against a gunman" on one and open fire on the others as you make your escape. It doesn't even have to be an accurate shot. It just has to scare them into either fleeing or taking cover creating distance between you and them.

3) Escape - The best course of action would be to escape as soon as the opportunity presents itself. Move into an area where there are likely more people and more chances of scaring off the attackers. Draw as much attention to yourself as possible. If your locked inside a trunk, you should at the very least figure out how to get yourself free if bound. Once your hands are free, look for an improvised weapon. Once they open the trunk, surprise attack them at full force. If you can, fall out of the trunk and get as far away from it as possible. This will draw even more attention to yourself especially if your on a highway. If your bound inside the car, try to free yourself and jump out of the car at the right moment. If at the back seat on the highway, you could attack the driver and create an accident which causes the car to stop completely. You may get seriously injured or killed but in the hands of kidnappers, that's probably going to happen anyway. The aim is to escape by any means necessary.

Here's more advice to help you escape your kidnappers. I will be giving more advice on how to escape kidnappers in the future so keep a watchful eye.

* Learn how to get out of restraints and fight - This may look like something out of Hollywood but it's been done before. Don't believe me? Just look at this example of a man who escaped an execution at the hands of armed men despite being bound and using one of their weapons against them. As long as you can freely move your body, you can apply kicks, headbutts, biting, chokes, elbows, punches, and any training in martial arts or other combat systems. By developing the skills and using the right tools, you can break free from restraints thus giving you the ideal opportunity to attack then escape.

* Seize the opportunity to take action - The key in doing this is to by having a very alert mind and proactive mindset. Take a look at this video where a man gets kidnapped at gunpoint and forced to sit in the passengers seat. He doesn't sit there thinking "well i got kidnapped, there's nothing more i can do so i might as well give it up..." He waits until the right moment and makes his move.

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