Friday, December 16, 2016

Why relying on weapons will get you killed

You've probably heard people ask "what's the best weapon to defend myself? Should i use a gun? A knife? A stun gun? A taser?" While salesman and companies offer weapons for self defense. What they don't want you to know is that - there is no best weapon for self defense! They are essentially lying to you by giving you false confidence that you can defend yourself for profits. They don't warn you about the severe drawbacks in each weapon. There are four questions you must ask yourself before you even consider purchasing a weapon 1) Am i able to use it? 2) Do i know how to use it? 3) Am i prepared to use it? 4) Do i have a strategy when i'm using it? I will go over several weapons and explain why each one is ineffective under the wrong circumstances.

* Gun - I've heard alot of people say "i don't need to learn martial arts, a gun will solve everything.." First of all, the laws on self defense are very complex. If you can't build a solid case in which you can legally justify it was self defense then you will get punished under the court of law. There's been several cases where people have used guns  Someone can pull out a knife, say "I'm gonna kill you!", and you are still not legally justified in shooting that person. Unless he/she rushes towards you and clearly tries to kill you, you are legally justified in using a gun. By then, it's already too late as you'd have been stabbed many times. There are a bunch of people sitting in jail right now because they illegally used a gun and failed to adhere to the legal laws on self defense.

According to the 21 foot rule outlined for police officers, it takes at least 21 feet for an officer to be safe from a knifeman. If your at a distance from a knifeman and you can shoot then good for you. The problem is not every knifeman will attack that way. Some will have it concealed. Do you realistically expect to draw your gun and stop someone charging at you from a few feet? Another issue with using a gun is that it's very hard to shoot and stop a moving target at vital areas especially under high levels of stress. Adrenaline rushes can greatly increase the chances of people taking 2 and more gunshots as they attack you at full force. The idea that you can just shoot an attacker twice and the attacker's down is Hollywood fiction.  

This is one of my favorite videos i love to use as an illustration of what happens when gunmen confront a knifeman. Notice how many times police shot him and he still kept attacking! Do you think the gun was the appropriate weapon of choice in that situation?

* Knife - Just because the gun poses several problems, doesn't mean a knife is any safer. Same problems apply under the court of law. A knife poses the same problems as a gun. Realistically, you won't be able to stop an attacker in an adrenaline rush coming at you head on. You probably wouldn't even have time to draw your weapon if the attacker rushes in before you pull it out. If you do draw a knife, you would need to strike at vital areas in order for a knife to be effective. Against a highly aggressive and violent attacker, you probably wouldn't be able to do it accurately especially if you don't know how to handle stress. Even if you hit a vital area, the attacker may not even feel it and just keep attacking. It takes alot of time for the attacker to bleed out and by the time the attacker does, you'll probably be dead or seriously hurt. There's also the great danger that the attacker may knock the knife out of your hand and take it away from you. What would you do then?

* Stun guns and tasers - More reasonable than a deadly weapon but it still has fatal flaws. You'd have to get very close to an attacker which is what you don't want in order for it to work and many times - it does not work. Many police officers have found that criminals who are under high levels of adrenaline resist the effects of stun guns. If your attacker is wearing thick clothing, it makes the stun gun harder to penetrate. It also takes a few seconds for it to take effect upon contact. Do you realistically expect this weapon to work against a non-compliant attacker or multiple attackers? A taser is more effective as it fires probes into attackers and immobilizes their movements but it still has it's drawbacks. If you miss a violent attacker with a deadly weapon which is highly likely under stress, you don't have enough time to reload the cartridge and fire again as you would with a gun. Even if you land a direct hit, the attacker can STILL resist! If you need proof, just watch this video.

A trained police officer hunts down a perp and uses the taser. Only ONE of the probe actually gets stuck on the perp, reducing it's effectiveness before it gets seemingly torn off due to movement. The police officer gets shot in the leg shortly afterwards. Realistically, would a taser have been appropriate in these types of situations?

* Pepper sprays, mace, and other chemical weapons - These weapons also have the same problems that stun guns have. There's no guarantee that the pepper spray or other chemical based weapons will completely stop your attacker. If you miss, your in deep trouble. Watch what happens when cops use pepper spray on a man high off of PCP and how ineffective it was in subduing him. The wind and other environmental factors can render any spray weapons useless.

Still not convinced? Check this video out. By the time you spray your attacker in the face, he/she would've already landed several attacks before the effects start to kick in.

A gun does not make you a skilled shooter anymore than a guitar makes someone a musician. It's all about how pro-efficient you are in the weapon. In what situations is the weapon useful and what situations will it get you killed? What's your 2nd line of defense in case your primary line of defense fails? You have only your mind to rely on when weapons fail you. If you don't know the strengths and weaknesses of your weapon then my advice to you is don't use it until you do.

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