Saturday, December 17, 2016

How to defend against a technical truck

Someone asked me how do you defend against a technical truck. A technical truck is basically a truck with a gun mounted on it. Like with any gun, there are several things you need to keep in mind :


*Cover and concealment


* Accuracy


* Focus

1) Situational awareness - Be aware of your surroundings and keep away from the truck. Make sure that the people in the truck don't see you.

2) If spotted, fight and escape - If your spotted, what weapons do you have? A gun? Fire as many shots into the driver as you can. If you have no weapon, make one. You can use a bag, a shirt or sweater, or other objects to impair the driver's vision or focus and hopefully get them into an accident. Run for your life but move in an unpredictable pattern in order to make it harder for the gunner to shoot you. If you don't have a weapon, obstruct the vehicles vision and path. By that i mean you use cover and concealment to evade the vehicle as you would a normal shooter on foot. The only difference is that move into areas that are inaccessible to the vehicle. This picture should illustrate my point:

If i suddenly ran through the narrow spaces between these houses to escape, would the gunner be able to fire accurate shots? If not, what would the technical truck have to do in order to get me? Turn the vehicle around and drive along the road? By the time he does all that, i'm already long gone. The key is to use buildings or other obstacles as cover and concealment. The technical vehicle's driver has to be careful because he has to maneuver around other vehicles, face a road block, a dead end, mud, and other terrain that would potentially immobilize the vehicle.

Here's what happens when a technical driver lacks a good understanding of his environment. In this video, this technical truck is under fire but the driver doesn't see that a car is in front of him probably due to stress or a loss of focus. The technical truck faces a head on collision and gets into a terrible accident. In summary, this is how you deal with a technical truck.

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