Saturday, February 25, 2017

How to intercept and destroy limbs in JKD

In this self defense guide, i will teach you how to intercept your opponent which can be done either by a direct strike for a knock out or destroying a limb. Keep in mind that the way you apply Jeet Kune Do principles in the streets is different from the way you apply it for the sake of the art. In self defense, you must eliminate the threat quickly. If you don't, you will endanger yourself or others further.

1) Situational awareness - In order to intercept in Jeet Kune Do and end the threat quickly, you need to be aware of your environment. Who is a potential threat? Who isn't? Is there a potential for an ambush? Make mental notes of your surroundings.

2) Read body language - In these situations, it's important to read body language. Let's suppose you get into an argument with someone who's being aggressive towards you. If you don't know how to control distance and read body language then you won't be aware of an impending attack. There's several cues in the body that give away someone's intent of attack. Is your potential attacker's body tense? Is your potential attacker in a fighting stance? Is your potential attacker clinching his or her fists? How is the body positioned? You need to be aware of these cues and be ready to respond accordingly.

3) Empty your mind - In order for you to land an intercepting blow, you must empty your mind of all distractions and focus only on your response. You should have a peace of mind and body even under high pressure. If you are tense and afraid then you won't be able to respond effectively to your opponent. Thought and action must be in harmony with one another. When you sense your opponent is about to strike, you commit to your strike with power and precision. You cannot hesitate for a split second or your opponent will land the first strike.

4) Recognize the body's vital points - Your primary targets of attack should be the temple, jaw, under the chin, throat, neck, the nose area, back of head, and other areas of the head in order to knock your opponent out. For the arms, you could hit the biceps, ulnar nerve, shoulder, or armpit. Striking the leg's femoral nerve and other vital areas will incapacitate your opponent's legs upon impact. Spend time learning which areas of the body you ought to hit and for what purpose. This video gives some helpful insights on the arm's pressure points.

5) Intercept or destroy the limb - There are several ways you can intercept your opponent's attack. I will generally focus on the single direct attack leading to a knock out and limb destructions. To intercept with a single direct attack, you could evade and strike a pressure point responsible for a knock out. You could also deflect your opponent's attack while striking your opponent in a knock out pressure point. Moving to a side position as you attack is also effective for intercepting your opponent. For limb destructions, the goal is to destroy a limb's use in combat whether by breaking it or incapacitating it through nerve strikes. There are several possible applications for limb destructions. For example, you might come across a very tall attacker so it might be difficult to knock him or her out when he or she has a longer reach than you. There's several ways you could destroy the limb. One is by delivering an elbow strike to the fist, causing severe damage to the hand if not breaking it entirely. You could also deliver strikes to major nerves in the arm to numb it's use before you close in and cause a knock out. If you want to learn more about limb destructions, i recommend watching Master Wong's videos on JKD which are focused on teaching them.

Practice timing your interceptions and limb destructions in training with safety equipment (gloves, head gear, shin guards, etc.) Hitting your sparring partner in vital areas is risky so be careful not to apply too much force to avoid injury or causing a knock out.

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