Sunday, April 2, 2017

Does size matter in self defense?

A very common question I often see asked when it comes to self defense is "Does size matter in a fight?"

I often get bothered by this question because it makes seem as if size is the only determining factor in a fight for self defense. Does size really matter? It depends on you. Size is only one variable that will determine who survives. If you just assume that an attacker with superior strength and size will overpower you then you will have a hard time defending yourself.

Yes, size does matter but what matters more is your confidence, your skills, your ability to adapt, your skills, your intelligence, and your ability to use size to your advantage. In my blog post "how to skillfully use brute size and strength " ( I explain why muscular large people aren't necessarily skilled in fighting. If you land a well placed kick to a bodybuilder's groin, it's going to bring him or her down. Doesn't matter how muscular the person is. If I'm faced with a large attacker who knows a bit about grappling, now those muscles will serve as a disadvantage for me. If my attacker is slow and tires easily then I strike from a long range which is a disadvantage for my attacker.

In conclusion, size only matters when you understand how to use it to your advantage. Whether you are small, skinny or muscular, fast, strong, overweight, tall or short, you need to ask yourself " how can I use my size to my advantage? How can i use my opponent's size against him or her? How can I develop the confidence to face any attacker of any size?" I leave you with an inspirational quote by Mark Twain shown in this picture.

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